Friday, 26 October 2012

my best friend forever...!(^_^)

Hi..... can u see that pic..?
eerrmmm......indians girls in the picture is my best friend..
first of all., i had to be her friend on the first day that i came to Smk Puncak Alam as a student form6.
her name is Kalaiyarasi a/p Manivanan. just call she in a short name which is 'kalai".
Now.., she had continue her studies at UPSI in degree of business management in education.
she is very nice person.. i had never have a friend like she..
We have a lot of likeness. i'm not just to be her friend..but her family and my family was know each other.
i feel very grateful to be her's friend. i hope we can get along in friendship...

DEAR Kalai.., i miss u so much...
special for u...(^_^)
A good friend is hard to find, hard to lose, and impossible to get.
friendship is one mind in two bodies...
kalai..,u may be out of my sight...but never out of my mind...
"FRIENDS" are like balloons once u let them go u cant ever get them back thats why i will tie u tight to my heart u r precious to lose.....
thanks to be my good & best friend forever..

Friday, 19 October 2012

exercise make a good stamina...:)

first of all..., "Majulah sukan untuk negara"
hahahaha... just kidding..
regarding this picture, it around 11:40 pm o'clock already..
don't be shocked.. the nice experience that It is so cool & nice weather at that time.. i was release tension with my friend, by do the exercise over there.
that place its very near from my hostel..
i hope u guys will try to do somethings to release your tension.
but..,remember...! don't do a negative things to release your stress.
as a student no wonder la, we do not have any stress with our daily life..
Am i right..? hhuhuhuhu. i thinks so..(^_^)
so.., for the conclusion.., we have to do something that can make we smile and happy with that things.
try to give some appreciate to our self, after we had done some work...
then.., u can feel u have more energy and more confident in your life.. believe me..:)
orite...takes a positive messages and throw the negative messages that i had post it...

Friday, 5 October 2012

excited...!!!! (Pendeta Cafe)

Hi i had my lunch at "Pendeta Cafe"..
actually that is my first time to having my lunch at there.. before i came.., i heard from other student that the price at 'Pendeta Cafe' are expensive..
it is right..?? Aaaahhh..."belum cuba belum tahu"
hahaha.. so.., my friend and i decided to having a lunch at there..
firstly that i came in the restaurant.., waaahh...!!
Very comfortable.. then.., i think, no wonder la the price of food is more expensive than the other cafe which is at 2nd floor in the same buiding..
we called the buidilng as "PSB".. 
huurrrmm..., after i came in.., quickly i go to counter to explore the menu..
hehehehehe.... first things that i explore is the.."price"..
i want to make sure.., it is true the price is expensive..??
then.., i thinks i not to expensive.. in my oponion.., i will get a better quality of food..
next.., i will get a good services..., a comfortable environment.. so.., why not..??
uuhh..., finally i make decision to order for my lunch...
"chicken grilled with blackpeper which is come with coleslow,salad,wedges..
for drinks i was order "ice peace tea"...
The total price for my lunch today is RM 10.80...
hehehe... (^_^) trust me.., u all will love it...!!!!
don't be shy..,come n try first..then u can get a result...:)
last word....... [SATISFIED] Hoooorreeeyyy...!!!