Wednesday, 26 September 2012

my lovely sister n manager...:)


Hi everyone...
first of all...,Teddy bear that u all see in the picture is cute right..?
actually i didn't buy thats things... hehe.. as we know..,the price of that things very expensive.
just for fun and expecially to hug the teddy bear....

anyway.., i already dreams to have a big teddy bear like that..
i never buy that things for my self..but.., i hope someone can buy for me as birthday present and so on..
and i have one more request.. hehehe.. i hope a person who are given a teddy bear to me is a person who i love... kah3..kih3..kuh3... ooppsss..over2...!
hahaha... no wonder laaarrh.., if one days u all see me with hugging teddy at shopping mall..
because i very love teddy bear since a still kindergarten..
so.., for the conclusion to my post this time..,i want to mention who are was reading this "celoteh"..,
u all must remember that i love teddy bear n i hope i get more teddy bear for my next birthday..
hehehehe.. don't forget to all my dear friend....huahuahuahuahuaaa...

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