Friday, 5 October 2012

excited...!!!! (Pendeta Cafe)

Hi i had my lunch at "Pendeta Cafe"..
actually that is my first time to having my lunch at there.. before i came.., i heard from other student that the price at 'Pendeta Cafe' are expensive..
it is right..?? Aaaahhh..."belum cuba belum tahu"
hahaha.. so.., my friend and i decided to having a lunch at there..
firstly that i came in the restaurant.., waaahh...!!
Very comfortable.. then.., i think, no wonder la the price of food is more expensive than the other cafe which is at 2nd floor in the same buiding..
we called the buidilng as "PSB".. 
huurrrmm..., after i came in.., quickly i go to counter to explore the menu..
hehehehehe.... first things that i explore is the.."price"..
i want to make sure.., it is true the price is expensive..??
then.., i thinks i not to expensive.. in my oponion.., i will get a better quality of food..
next.., i will get a good services..., a comfortable environment.. so.., why not..??
uuhh..., finally i make decision to order for my lunch...
"chicken grilled with blackpeper which is come with coleslow,salad,wedges..
for drinks i was order "ice peace tea"...
The total price for my lunch today is RM 10.80...
hehehe... (^_^) trust me.., u all will love it...!!!!
don't be shy..,come n try first..then u can get a result...:)
last word....... [SATISFIED] Hoooorreeeyyy...!!!

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