Friday, 19 October 2012

exercise make a good stamina...:)

first of all..., "Majulah sukan untuk negara"
hahahaha... just kidding..
regarding this picture, it around 11:40 pm o'clock already..
don't be shocked.. the nice experience that It is so cool & nice weather at that time.. i was release tension with my friend, by do the exercise over there.
that place its very near from my hostel..
i hope u guys will try to do somethings to release your tension.
but..,remember...! don't do a negative things to release your stress.
as a student no wonder la, we do not have any stress with our daily life..
Am i right..? hhuhuhuhu. i thinks so..(^_^)
so.., for the conclusion.., we have to do something that can make we smile and happy with that things.
try to give some appreciate to our self, after we had done some work...
then.., u can feel u have more energy and more confident in your life.. believe me..:)
orite...takes a positive messages and throw the negative messages that i had post it...

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