Wednesday, 21 November 2012

My chinese family....:) i have done my online quiz for mandarin subject..
and the result that i get is 4.5 upon 5.0.. xiexie laoshi...:)
for me., its not really hard to study mandarin for my text book level..
Even my mom said.. what kind of ur book...! its so easy to learn..
like kindergarten.. "sentap" to hear that...!
its okay... i can accept it..
my mom said like that because my mom is not from malay family..
my mom was converted into islam religion on 1986..
but.., only my mom converted into islam religon..,not her's whole family.
that picture i post it my grandfather n my grandmother picture.
also my uncle n my aunty..
i love them so much even we are not in a same religion..
my grandpa and my grandma is so nice with me..

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