Friday, 2 November 2012

A jobs that i had done..! :)

hi everyone...(^_^)
can u guess what job that i do.?
hahaha.. i'm a staff at KFC holding bhd..
My store outlet at saujana utama.
i was working at kfc around 9 month.
until now..,i had never resign as a staff..
i apply to get a tittle "bercuti sambung belajar"..
hehehe.. if i have semester break..i will go to kfc..but not to having a meal..
But to done my responsible as workers..
i work at kfc as cashier and some time i as customer service and also some time i do admins work.. which is to count how many stock are there in the end of every week and monthly.
i was enjoyed work at kfc.. but some time i have to be a very3 patient person..because a character a some of customer..but.., my manager always tell me.., that.., customer is always right..,
so.., i just give a smile..but in my heart was burning like "gunung berapi"...!
uuhhh.., thnks to god.., i still have a good condition on that time..
i can control my self...
huhu... that its the story of my job that i had done..,:)

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